6 Best Websites to Learn Javascript

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JavaScript is the most popular programming language used over the web. 👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻 If you are interested in the wonderful world of Web Development, there are many websites that offer JavaScript tutorials where you can study JavaScript online: ➡️ freeCodeCamp For learning JavaScript and other web development concepts, freeCodeCamp has a massive repository of interactive tutorials […]

Key Factors Designers Must Know

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Designers do more than design. Or at least, they should. We are not talking about creativity. We are talking about necessities.Consider these three factors and you will nail down a Web design that works. Let’s dive in. Business factors The design must solve a business problem. How does it represent the company or product? Good […]

Top Tools to Prepare Developers for Interviews

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Hello Developers! Are you preparing for a job interview? Are you struggling to find the perfect resources and websites to practice for the coding interview questions? Here are some tools you might consider to make sure you’re ready for your technical interview! Hackerrank HackerRank is the market-leading technical assessment and remote interview solution for hiring […]

Did You Know? HTML Attributes

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Hello Developers Let’s talk about HTML tricks that will help to grow your web development skills and experience. 👉Accept The accept attribute takes as its value a comma-separated list of one or more file types, or unique file type specifiers, describing which file types to allow. The accept attribute doesn’t validate the types of the […]

8 Branding Statistics You Didn’t Know

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These are eye-opening statistics about branding for 2022. Consumers are continually bombarded with numerous products and services – from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep. And that’s where branding comes in. The primary purpose of branding is to help businesses stand out from the competition. Branding your company means sharing your brand […]

7 Design Inspiration Websites

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Here are the 7 design inspiration websites that every designer can use for their real world projects! 👇 1. Mobbin.design2. Land-book3. One page love4. Scrnshts5. Landingfolio6. Pageflows7. Lapa ninja8. Pttrns. Let us know about your favorite sites you get inspiration from in the comments ✌ Looking for a professional website to improve your online presence? […]

The Business Owner’s Guide to Developing Business Through Modern Practices

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Innovation is key to businesses looking to stay relevant in today’s demanding market. Willingness to embrace new technologies and practices keeps your business thriving while others become stagnant. That’s why Klashtech has assembled some tips and resources to help keep your business modern and successful.  1. Allow Employees to Work Remotely For some business owners, […]