Tools to Test the Performance of your Website

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Looking to improve your website’s performance? Here are six of the best website performance test tools you need to check out. Imagine if every time you watched a YouTube video, the video stopped and buffered every few seconds. How annoying would that be? Luckily, there is a handful list of website performance testing tools available […]

Color Tricks. One Simple Rule

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Like most things in design, we can sometimes overdo our colors. This 60-30-10 rule is a safe approach to using colors. A good rule of thumb would be to use the 60% 30% 10% rule for your dominant, secondary, and accent colors respectively. This rule helps you create a proper and well-balanced color application for […]

Key Factors Designers Must Know

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Designers do more than design. Or at least, they should. We are not talking about creativity. We are talking about necessities.Consider these three factors and you will nail down a Web design that works. Let’s dive in. Business factors The design must solve a business problem. How does it represent the company or product? Good […]

8 Branding Statistics You Didn’t Know

News & Insights - 8 Branding Statistics You Didn't Know - Web Design Miami Klashtech

These are eye-opening statistics about branding for 2022. Consumers are continually bombarded with numerous products and services – from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep. And that’s where branding comes in. The primary purpose of branding is to help businesses stand out from the competition. Branding your company means sharing your brand […]