How to Fuel Your Start-Up With Top Talent

How to Fuel Your Start-Up With Top Talent - Klashtech

So you’ve decided it’s time to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur! Launching a solo venture is an exciting undertaking that has the potential to lead to significant personal and professional fulfillment, but it’s not a course of action to be taken on without considerable preplanning. Taking time to chart out a plan of action can help you position yourself and your burgeoning business for long-term success. Read on for advice from Klashtech.

Are You Ready?

Before you quit your day job, make sure you’re mentally and financially prepared to become an entrepreneur. Take into consideration your skill sets, your capacity for effectively juggling multiple competing priorities, and your knowledge about the basic operational functions of business management.

Even if you plan on hiring experts like accountants and developers, it helps to have a basic understanding of what they do. Finding accounting software that works for you is a good way to know if you’re ready to make the leap or not.

You’ll also want to think about your ability to effectively manage your time, tolerate and handle stress, and deliver exceptional customer service — a necessity for a successful start-up venture. This is the time to be honest with yourself and give thoughtful consideration to what elements of the start-up you can handle on your own and where you might need to hire outside help

What Business Structure Makes Sense?

Many entrepreneurs initially consider establishing themselves as sole proprietors, but unfortunately, that form of business structure doesn’t protect against personal liability in the way a limited liability company (LLC) can. Per MacDowell Law Group, an LLC also provides tax advantages, along with flexibility and less paperwork than other filing structures.

Once you’ve formed your LLC, get an IRS business number also known as an employer ID number (EIN). Doing so will allow you to open a bank account, hire employees, and protect your personal assets. And remember, it’s absolutely imperative that you keep up with the filing deadlines associated with your LLC; otherwise, you could lose the protections it offers. So, once you’ve filed your LLC initially, mark your calendar for submitting your annual report.

Where Will You Operate?

Many entrepreneurs start out as home-based businesses. If you’re starting from home, carve out dedicated office space and set firm boundaries between your work and home lives to maintain a sense of professionalism and help you stay focused.

If you’re looking for an office or storefront, consider utilizing a commercial real estate agent to help you explore options in your area and price range. With both approaches, you’ll need to budget for office necessities, including a computer printer, scanner, desk, and chair. If you have a physical location, you may also need basic supplies, office furniture for clients and guests, and conference or demo space, if applicable.

How Will You Finance Operations?

All start-up ventures come with a price tag. To be savvy with your finances, draw up a business plan that details anticipated expenditures and revenue streams, as well as timetables for when the business is likely to become self-sufficient. If you’re hiring staff, purchasing large volumes of inventory or leasing space, you may want to apply for a small business loan.

Depending on your industry, you might also be able to attract angel investors or even bootstrap your operation if you have resources at hand. You’ll want to ensure you have enough cash reserves or access to resources to get you through the lean start-up months when you’re seeing more money leaving your operation than coming into it.

Where Will You Find Staff?

If you need to hire staff, you can opt for full-time employees or freelancers. Many entrepreneurs go with freelancers to start because they don’t have to pay unemployment insurance, taxes, or benefits, and they can often work on an as-needed basis. On the other hand, having dedicated staff can help you chart long-term goals, and full-timers are less likely to have competing priorities. You can ask colleagues for referrals, post ads on online job boards, or utilize a staffing agency to help you find candidates.

One of the benefits of a staffing agency is that you can take the guesswork and time commitment out of the process as an agency typically recruits and screens candidates in advance, so you’re more likely to fund a good fit. says interview questions that help you get to know candidates as people will help you determine how they’d fit into your plan

Long Term Planning

There’s so much that goes into funding and running a successful business that no matter how much experience you have, there’s always more to learn. Some great ways to expand your business include critically examining your own mistakes, as well as checking out what works for your competition. Launching a start-up is an exciting event and mapping out your organizational and operational structures can help you get off to a good start.

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5 Ways to Use Digital Technology in Your E-Commerce Business

5 Ways to Use Digital Technology in Your E-Commerce Business - Klashtech

There are many advantages of using digital technologies in your e-commerce business, from improving your company’s productivity and efficiency to reducing its risk of cyberattacks and other security threats. Digital technologies can also help to improve the customer shopping experience, as various digital tools and apps can be used to gather and analyze data about your shoppers, products, and services.

Below, Klashtech discusses five of the ways in which your e-commerce business could use digital technologies to improve its processes and operations. Read on to learn about the benefits of inbound marketing, mobile apps, remote work, digital wallets, and data analysis.

1. Focus on Inbound Marketing

Rather than spending the majority of your marketing budget on outbound marketing techniques such as direct mail, cold calling, and trade shows, you could create valuable online content that encourages potential customers to come to you. Also known as inbound marketing, this type of strategy includes effective web design, blog posts, videos, email campaigns, and webinars. A few examples of the many inbound marketing tools available include:

  • MailChimp
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • HubSpot
  • Hotjar
  • AdRoll

Free design tools and apps are also available to help you create your own website, blog, and social media graphics. Canva, Snappa, and Desygner are just a few options.

2. Create a Mobile App

According to an article published on Consumer Think, approximately 67 percent of worldwide e-commerce sales are completed on a mobile device. And since this number is expected to grow in the coming years, you may wish to build a mobile e-commerce app if you haven’t already done so.

As a few advantages of creating an app for your e-commerce business, mobile apps help to reduce shopping cart abandonment, personalize the customer shopping experience, and increase conversions. They can also help you to compete with major online retailers such as Amazon.

3. Operate Remotely

If you’re not already operating remotely, it’s time to follow in the footsteps of fully-remote e-commerce businesses like Narrativ, Postscript, ConsumerAffairs, Pangaea, Thumbtack, and Philips. There are lots of different remote worker tools that can be used to track employee time, organize projects, store documents, and encourage communication and collaboration between employees, such as:

  • Toggl Track.
  • Todoist
  • Google Drive.
  • Slack
  • GoToMeeting
  • Asana

To transition your team to working remotely, start by creating a remote work policy. Then decide which software tools you’ll invest in, and equip your team with the programs and equipment they’ll need to effectively work from home.

4. Accept Digital Wallets

Instead of having your customers pay for their online purchases via credit or debit card, you’ll expedite the checkout process and appeal to smartphone users if you accept digital wallets. Some of the most popular digital wallets include Samsung, Google, Amazon, and Apple Pay, but other options include Venmo, PayPal, and Alipay. In addition to being quick and convenient, mobile wallets are safe and secure for both you and your customers.

5. Use Data Analysis

Another type of digital technology can help to improve your organization as a whole and the technologies it uses day-to-day, making the business more efficient and profitable so you can lower costs and better serve your customers. This is known as process mapping or mining, a type of data analysis that assesses your business processes and tasks, looks for areas of improvement, and helps to manage risks and increase sales.

To get started with process mapping, you’ll first need to identify your organization’s key stakeholders, make a list of its business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), and identify any potential sources of data. You’ll also need to create a timeline for the tasks and processes you’d like to improve.

In Conclusion

If your e-commerce business hasn’t already adapted to the digital world, you’ll need to do so now in order to stay relevant. Whether you choose to start by creating a mobile app or moving your e-commerce business fully online, the Klashtech team can help to take your business to the next level.

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Tips for Avoiding Burnout as a Woman Business Owner

Tips for Avoiding Burnout as a Woman Business Owner - Klashtech

Owning a business can be very fulfilling, but it can also be stressful. You’re an idea implementor, advisor, team leader, project manager, and decision-maker. You keep your company running efficiently by focusing on high-level priorities while you ensure cohesion among teams and departments. But work isn’t everything. Finding work-life balance is essential for avoiding career burnout and feeling fulfilled, even if you truly love what you do. Here’s how to achieve that elusive balance when you’re a woman business owner, presented below by Klashtech.

Level Up Your Skills

Imposter syndrome can be crippling. Feeling like a fraud and doubting one’s abilities tends to affect high-achieving people. Understandably, imposter syndrome is closely associated with anxiety and depression, and can even affect your job performance. If you experience imposter syndrome, leveling up your skills could be a great way to reduce self-doubt, boost your confidence, and help you acknowledge your worth.

There are several ways to enhance your professional skills. For example, coaching can help you address skills gaps, promote your professional development, and learn to find balance. If you want to open the door to new job opportunities, you could also go back to school and earn a doctorate degree. Getting your doctorate degree in business administration or management could be valuable. Thanks to online degree programs, you don’t have to take time off from work to continue your education.

Unplug on Your Days Off

Time off is invaluable for your happiness, productivity, and health. Unfortunately, the business culture is all work and no play. Couple this with advancements in team communication technology, and it’s nearly impossible to step away from work. Even if you love your job and you never want to stop working, you need to take breaks to give your brain a chance to recover from prolonged periods of high-level thinking. Scheduling downtime—and fully unplugging—will help you think more clearly, generate creative ideas, and gain a level of insight that only reveals itself when your mind is still. Keeping a clean and clutter-free home will also improve your focus and build positivity.

Make Time for Healthy Habits

Taking care of your body is one of the best ways to build mental resilience against stress and ensure you have the energy you need to thrive in your professional role. Go to bed early enough that you can get at least seven hours of high-quality sleep every night. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and try to get moving as often as possible. Fuel your brain and body with nutritious foods and steer clear of snacks that will lead you towards an afternoon crash. While these actions may be simple, they can have a big impact on your overall stress levels.

Find a Hobby

As a busy professional, you might think that hobbies are a poor use of your limited time. However, Fast Company explains that hobbies can help prevent burnout, keep your mind sharp, make you more competitive in the workplace, and help you connect with your passions. And if you’re not getting fulfillment from your job, a hobby can help fill that empty space. Immersing yourself in a hobby is a great way to stop thinking about your work for a little while, giving your brain a chance to fully decompress from the demands of your job. Don’t have time for a hobby? See if you can take some focus away from something else, like spending time watching TV or scrolling through social media.

When you work in a demanding role, stress is almost impossible to avoid. Take steps to keep your stress under control and avoid burnout. While this might mean spending a little less time thinking about work, prioritizing self-care will make you better at your job!

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Tech That’s Worth the Money for Your Business

Tech That’s Worth the Money for Your Business - Klashtech

As a business owner, you make a lot of decisions about everything, all the time. Your tech choices can impact everything from your inventory and ordering practices to payroll and time-tracking. Technology can be a business owner’s best friend, yet in some instances, employee productivity can nosedive when used inappropriately.

With all the different options out there, it can be challenging to know which tech deserves your investment. As you think about tech investments, consider your daily operations and the ways in which your processes could be enhanced. Digital agency Klashtech shares some tips!

Inventory and Process-Oriented Tech

Whether you create a product or offer a service, tracking incoming and outgoing supplies and materials can be a time-consuming task. This can be simplified by inventory technology. Spreadsheets are one way to go about it, but using a synchronous program that connects to a database and other administrative tools is a time saver.

Your business may also benefit from technology that tracks orders, shipping dates, and the completion of tasks. Using a program for these purposes saves time and reduces error. For businesses whose primary tracking needs are related to collaboration, apps such as or Hive can be practical solutions. Platforms for collaborative work make it easier for employees to work from home, which can be a good thing during the pandemic and beyond. And to ensure everyone knows their role in the process, you can organize your project with a process map. With a process mapping tool, you can create metrics, identify areas for improvement, assign responsibilities and unpack objectives.

Work-at-home employment is ideal for so many reasons, but the inappropriate use of tech and mismanaged time can impact progress. In fact, time is an important factor for business owners as they manage their team, and, aside from adequate monitoring, scheduling and payroll are aspects worth streamlining.

Marketing Tech

In today’s times, it’s essential that you build a digital presence, which is where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing that attracts leads, email marketing, and social media marketing.

While it’s wise to invest your money in a digital marketing firm like Klashtech to optimize your marketing efforts, there are budget-friendly solutions as well. For example, you can use Instagram to boost consumer awareness and engagement, which can ultimately increase your sales. Ultimately, however, when you combine the efforts of marketing tech and a marketing agency, you can double-down on your business presence.

Scheduling and Payroll Tech

Your team relies on you to set up a weekly work schedule that is fair and consistent. As your team grows, that task becomes more challenging. The use of technology can help you set a schedule that employees can count on. Programs range in cost and complexity, but when you research varying options, you will likely find one that is appropriate for the size of your team.

Employees also count on you to establish a payroll system that allows for consistent, accurate, and timely paychecks. Your business may benefit from a full-service payroll platform. Ideally, this should offer time-saving, automated payroll scheduling, as well as accurate calculations and comprehensive reports.

AI for Your Website and Beyond

AI is also a practical tech tool for your business in many ways. Your website can be enhanced by chatbot technology. Many businesses use AI on websites to troubleshoot client concerns, helping reduce the need for an employee or business owner to be constantly monitoring a chatline. AI is also useful for assisting customers with orders, narrowing down searches on your site, and assisting with telephonic needs. Employees can also be trained for work using artificial intelligence, saving hours on human resources and repetition of materials.

Tech is an absolute necessity for business in this day and age; however, it pays to know what’s worth the investment and what you can use for free, or use without paying a fortune.

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How COVID-19 Has Impacted Women and What to Do From Here

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Women and What to Do From Here - Klashtech

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on everyone, but it has been an especially trying time for women, especially working moms. Many women lost their jobs during the pandemic and they are now trying to get back on their feet. Here at Klashtech, we like to empower our customers to look forward to the future, so we would like to talk a bit about women in the pandemic and how mom can get back on her feet in the new year.

The Impact of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was a major disaster during the year 2020. In an effort to subdue the pandemic, the nation went into a lockdown and many businesses had to close their doors in an effort to follow social distancing guidelines and general health protocols. Many people lost their jobs as a result and women were majorly affected. Studies show that women lost close to 54 million jobs during the pandemic and 35% of those women are still unemployed today.

While the job loss was bad enough, many schools also had to close their doors to follow safety guidelines, and children were sent home for remote e-learning. Whether they were working or not, moms now had to help their kids attend classes every day in addition to caring for the home and babysitting the younger children. Needless to say, it was a challenging time.

Now that vaccines are making their rounds, there seems to be a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel and now many women are looking to get back on their feet. While the job landscape has changed over the years, there are still opportunities and ways that women can regain their footing post-pandemic.

Preparing to Return to Work

Those who are looking to rejoin the workforce will want to do a bit of prep to get back into the flow of things. For starters, this is a good time to read over your resume and cover letter to ensure that they are polished and up-to-date.

If you feel like you need to brush up on your skills or you want to learn how to do a completely new job then you may consider returning back to school for your degree. There are many programs available that could be a stepping stone to a great new job. Anything from business management to marketing is up for grabs. The best part of all is that most degree programs are now available online so you can take your classes on your own time, be that when the kids are sleeping or after you return home from a part-time job.

Start Your Own Business

Many women who are tired of working for someone else may decide to start their own business. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the entrepreneurial endeavor you may choose, but the good news is that if you want to continue to work from home, then there are many businesses that you can start online.

You just need to think about what you enjoy doing. So if you love playing piano then you could start an online tutoring company and teach others. If you love to write, then you could become a freelance writer. If you love to make arts and crafts at home then you could also set up a store from home and sell your goods.

Marketing Your Business

Once you have a business model, you can reach ultimate success with effective marketing. After you have some clients under your belt, you can ask them for referrals and grow your business from there. You could also head to social media and start a business page on Facebook where you market your products and put out paid advertisements that will be aimed at new customers.

It is also a great idea to set up a business website where you can sell your products. Your website can also be a marketing tool. Whenever you get a satisfied customer, ask them to write a review on your site and then share those with other potential customers. If you ever get negative reviews, don’t fret, as you can also turn those around. Whenever a customer complains, offer to resolve the situation. When others see that you tried to help a disappointed customer, they will know that you do your best to satisfy all of your clients.

In the end, women have not had it easy during the pandemic, but there are many steps that you can take now to find the financial success that you crave while also being a mom. If you need help with your business website, then contact Klashtech.

Starting a Business: Critical Tips for People With Disabilities

Starting a Business: Critical Tips for People With Disabilities - Klashtech

If you live with a disability and have an entrepreneurial spirit, then you can get your dream business up and running as anyone else can. Whether you live with limited mobility, PTSD, autism, deafness, or any other type of “disability,” you have probably developed a great deal of resiliency that can help you overcome obstacles and lay a firm foundation for long-term success.

Moreover, there are many funding options tailored to entrepreneurs who have a disability and general grants and programs that you can apply for. If you’re ready to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey, consider these tips from Klashtech:

Learn About Business Ownership

Owning a business requires a unique set of skills and traits if you will succeed in the long run. Your first task is to research what business ownership involves to confirm that it is something you want, as recommended by For example, you will need to research the market to ensure that the product or service can fill a need, learn the ins and outs of marketing, and grasp the various administrative tasks required to launch a company.

Another essential step when starting a business is choosing which legal structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, etc.) will serve your business best. You will also need to write a thorough business plan that outlines your mission, values, offering, funding requirements, financial projections, and more. Furthermore, you will need to zero in on your target audience to craft an effective marketing strategy.

Look Into Free Tools

One great thing about launching a business in this day and age: There are tons of free and affordable software tools to help you get a strong start and sustain long-term success. For example, if you need to design a logo for your company, you can find a logo maker by searching the web for “free online logo maker and download.” If you need to build your website from the ground up, plenty of platforms allow you to do so affordably and efficiently. And there are even tools to help you manage your social media content, finances, and project collaborations.

Research Your Funding Opportunities

Most entrepreneurs need some funding to get their ventures up and running. Fortunately, there are various grants and loans available to those with disabilities. It’s best practice to begin by researching grants because you don’t have to pay them back! The federal government provides grants to eligible entrepreneurs with disabilities through branches like the Small Business Administration (SBA), the National Arts and Disability Center (NADC), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Even if you qualify for grants, you may need additional funding, depending on your startup expenses. Fortunately, many loans are available at the federal, state, and local levels that come with favorable terms. Check with the nonprofit Accion, which specializes in small business loans for workplace accessibility, assistive technology, and other factors. The SBA provides several small business loans, some specific to entrepreneurs with disabilities and others for general small business use. Furthermore, look into StreetShares, a lender that offers loans to veteran entrepreneurs and those disabled from combat.

Start Thinking About Marketing

Once you have learned what it takes to be a business owner and researched your software and funding options, get a plan for your marketing. You will need to determine your target audience and hash out a strategy to reach them through social media, email marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, and other tactics. You’ll also need a top-notch website; you can build one using a web platform or work with reputable digital marketing professionals like Klashtech!

Search for the Right Employees

Even if you plan on handling most of your business operations yourself, you will probably need help at some point. Remember that you have an overarching vision for your company, and any tasks and projects for which you’re not skilled or experienced can distract you from that vision.

As you develop your business budget, think of any jobs you need to hire out. Whether it’s content writing, web design, appointment scheduling, accounting, or any other responsibility, look to online job boards and your professional network to find qualified freelancers or employees who can help you achieve your goals.

A lot is involved in the process of launching a company, but if you live with a disability, chances are you have what it takes to rise above challenges and build a business that stands the test of time. Consider the information and advice above, and keep learning as much as you can so that you can position yourself for long-term success!

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