4 Steps to Setup Calendly & 4 Essential Features You May Have Missed

Customer Question: Is Calendly Worth Implementing For My Business?

Calendly is the scheduling automation platform with team-based scheduling, solutions and integrations for every department, and advanced security features.

However, did you know the tool allows you to collect payments for different types of services?

We have many customers who set up Calendly with their services and are able to transact through this tool. Not only does Calendly allow for payments through its platform, but many other integrations and cool features to explore for enhanced productivity.

But let’s start with the basics…

How do I set up Calendly?

Calendly Scheduling Event

1. Create a Scheduling Link

Connecting your calendar and Calendly will help you create scheduling links and booking pages based on your availability. Share your Calendly link with others so people can book time with you in one click.

2. Team-based scheduling

Booking links can be based on different event types – from 15-minute Zoom calls to 30-minute in-person meetings – and rules. Include other members of your team, route the meeting to the right people on your team, and collaborate around scheduling requirements.

3. Workflows and integrations

Workflows and integrations connect Calendly to your process and other tools. Send reminders, follow-ups, and connect your CRM, video conferencing, and even billing platforms!

4. Designed for your whole organization

With Calendly commonly used to power meetings with prospects, customers, recruits and more, it’s ideal to power scheduling for your whole company with meeting analytics, and enterprise-ready admin, security, and IT-oriented features.

4 Essential Features You May Have Missed

1. One-Off Ad Hoc Meetings

While Calendly excels at creating reusable event types for various meetings, it also supports scheduling one-time events seamlessly. Syncing in real-time with your calendar, you can effortlessly set up and share links for these unique meetings.

2. Workflows for Automation

Streamline your post-booking processes with Calendly’s powerful workflows. Automate tasks such as sending email reminders, thank-you notes, text confirmations, or even conducting feedback surveys. Customize workflows per event type for maximum efficiency.

3. Secret Event Types

Maintain privacy and exclusivity with Calendly’s ‘secret event’ feature. Keep certain meetings hidden from public view, ensuring they’re only accessible via shared links. Group and manage these discrete events separately within your Calendly account.

4. Integration with Zapier for Seamless Automation

Elevate your productivity by integrating Calendly with Zapier. Automate tasks like updating your CRM when a new lead schedules an appointment. Take it further by linking Calendly with Asana for task creation during meetings with existing clients.

Our Take

Calendly transcends the realm of a mere scheduling tool, offering a comprehensive suite of features and integrations that streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity across teams and departments. From simplifying the setup process with customizable scheduling links to enabling team-based scheduling and seamless integrations with various platforms, Calendly empowers businesses to optimize their scheduling processes and focus on what truly matters – building meaningful connections and driving growth. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business, or a large enterprise, Calendly’s versatility, security, and advanced features make it a go-to solution for modern scheduling needs. Explore the possibilities with Calendly and unlock a new level of efficiency in managing your appointments and meetings.

How can Klashtech help?

Automation tools like those offered by Calendly provide a pathway to business scalability and long-term sustainability by enabling ‘set and forget’ mechanisms that enhance operational efficiency. Klashtech can assist by offering guidance on which functionalities would best suit your business needs and by providing support in implementing these tools effectively.

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