8 Reasons Why HubSpot is the CRM Game-Changer Your Business Needs

HubSpot CRM Tool

First things first, what is a CRM? And why should business owners use one for their business? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s essentially a system that helps businesses manage, analyze, and improve all interactions and relationships with customers and potential customers. The goal? To enhance business relationships to grow your business. A CRM […]

8 Steps to Automate Conversations with HubSpot’s Free Chatbot Builder

8 Steps to Automate Conversations with HubSpot’s Free Chatbot Builder

Chatbots have transformed how businesses interact with customers, offering scalable and efficient engagement solutions. Many businesses have a list of frequently asked questions from customers before booking a service or buying a product. This presents a perfect opportunity to install a chatbot on your site. You can train your chatbot to answer these questions on […]

Google Analytics: Campaign URL Builder

Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder

When launching a marketing campaign, the ability to track its effectiveness is crucial. The Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder is a tool designed for this purpose, enabling marketers to add specific campaign parameters to URLs to track their performance within Google Analytics. Purpose and Functionality The tool is essential for identifying which marketing initiatives are successful. By […]

Numerous.ai: Use AI within Excel and Google Sheets

You are performing a repetitive task in Google Sheets and wonder, “is there a more productive way to do this?” We’ve all been there. With the latest advances in AI, it is only natural that new tools are hitting the market to increase productivity. This week we have been testing numerous.ai as an extension to […]

Maximize Your Small Business Success with Strategic Web-Based Enhancements

Blog - Maximize Your Small Business Success with Strategic Web-Based Enhancements - Web Design & Development Company - Klashtech Digital Agency

As a small business owner, you’re stepping into an era brimming with possibilities, thanks to the advent of groundbreaking web-based technologies. These innovations offer you the tools to streamline your operations, deepen your connection with customers, and secure a competitive edge in a bustling market. The following article, courtesy of Klashtech, highlights web-based updates that […]

3 Top AI Plugins for WordPress

Top 3 AI Tools for WordPress

We’ve established one of the main benefits of implementing WordPress for your business include: (1) Scalability, (2) Security, (3) Powerful Plugins, (4) SEO Friendly, (5) Ease of Use. In this blog post we deep dive into “Powerful Plugins”, the 3 Top AI Plugins we are obsessed with! 1. Elementor AI Revolutionize web creation for all […]

Azurom Travel

Case Studies

Azurom Travel

Céline Swicegood is Azurom Travel director and head designer. Originally from the French Riviera, where she worked for the regional tourism agency, the pull of tourism led her to start her own travel company dedicated to a unique and personal service focused on custom and private itinerary designs. The luxurious and personalized nature of her business meant a complete website revamp and redesign of the user experience.
Migration, WordPress Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Web Design & Development Company - Klashtech Digital Agency


Azurom Travel’s website was hosted on WIX with limited functionality and opportunity to customize the look and feel aligned to the luxury value of the brand. Céline was also looking to improve organic SEO, which made WordPress a perfect match.


Build a digital experience as a continuation and evolution of the current state of the brand. Luxury Travel Boutique is already a known and trusted brand, it was important to revamp look and feel in a way that honored it’s beginnings for customers to recognize the evolution of the new web presence as a continuation.


  • Logo revamp and brand identity re-definition
  • Website migration from WIX to WordPress
  • Successful WordPress launch
  • 5X improved SEO performance

Our client's feedback about this work

Celine Azurom - Web Design & Development Company - Klashtech Digital Agency
A pleasure to work with Kévin. Good listener, patient for sure and a solution finder 🙂 Getting many compliments on my new website. I recommend Klashtech services.
Céline Swicegood
Founder, Director, Head advisor
Klashtech future-proofs organizations with tech strategy, bespoke development and ongoing digital consultancy.

Top Trends to Watch in 2024

Top 2024 Trends

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