Use AI within Excel and Google Sheets

You are performing a repetitive task in Google Sheets and wonder, “is there a more productive way to do this?” We’ve all been there.

With the latest advances in AI, it is only natural that new tools are hitting the market to increase productivity.

This week we have been testing as an extension to Google Sheets and Excel to provide some use cases that could save our customers a TON of time. Below we deep dive into the details of why we are loving this tool.

What is is a tool that enables users to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities directly into Excel and Google Sheets. It allows users to leverage AI algorithms for data analysis, forecasting, and other tasks without leaving their familiar spreadsheet environments. This can streamline workflows and enhance productivity for individuals and businesses that rely heavily on spreadsheets for data management and analysis.

Why we love it?

We highly recommend our customers to try’s capabilities for their day-to-day spreadsheet tasks for four compelling reasons:

   1. Use ChatGPT as a spreadsheet formula with this AI spreadsheet assistant

  2. Categorize employee or customer feedback, analyzing the sentiment, and writing a response. customer sentiment

   3. Access a variety of pre-built, AI-enhanced templates for common spreadsheet tasks. templates

   4. Can be installed for both Excel & Google Sheets

2. What industries can it be applied to? adapts to your industry, offering specialized data solutions for diverse roles.

Useful for every industry

Online sellers: Streamline e-commerce with AI review analysis and content generation.

  • Categorize and analyze reviews
  • Write quick product descriptions
  • Batch answer customer queries

Content marketers: Boost content creation with AI-assisted writing, keyword generation, and translation.

  • Batch content creation
  • Easily translate into multiple languages
  • Extract SEO tags and keywords from texts

Researchers and students: Enhance academic and field research with advanced data processing and summarization.

  • Summarize survey responses
  • Easy info categorization
  • Efficient data cleaning

Data analysts: Refine data analysis with AI that cleans, categorizes, and interprets data.

  • Quick sentiment analysis
  • Categorize data without training
  • Efficient data cleaning

Hot take has become a beloved tool for many due to its seamless integration of AI capabilities into Excel and Google Sheets. Its ability to streamline data analysis, improve forecasting accuracy, and enhance overall productivity has garnered widespread acclaim among professionals and businesses alike. By empowering users to harness the power of AI within their familiar spreadsheet environments, has transformed how we approach data-driven decision-making, making it a must-have solution for those seeking to stay ahead in today’s data-driven world.

Overall, we found that adds a lot of value for businesses whose staff spends a lot of time cleaning up and processing data in google sheets or excel. It is worth mentioning that the tool it’s free to try and use, but if you use it a lot it will cost money. 

We hope this tool is helpful. Try it out and let us know if it added value for your business!

Ready to get started?

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