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Hello developers!

Today’s post is for you. We are going to share some amazing tools that will help you make your website fancier and more attractive 👀

👉🏻Animate on Scroll

It is a very light JavaScript library that lights up your website in a fashionable way. This library is designed to add animation effects to selected elements on your website while a user scrolls through the interface.

👉🏻Framer Motion

It is Reactjs animation library that lets you animate different parts of your website according to your discretion. It comes equipped with the everyday css animation that lets you animate as you want.


Swiperjs is a touch slider designed to save you from the hassle of having to code your own slider from scratch. It is built to work well with mobile interfaces and features interesting styles and configuration.

👉🏻Material Ui

Material Ui is simply a library that allows us to import and use different components to create a user interface in our React applications. This library saves you the stress of having to build from scratch.

👉🏻Particles Js

Particles Js is a lightweight, dependency-free and responsive library that ups your website’s interactivity. It provides you with customizable background shapes that reacts to direct touches.

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