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Many aspiring developers appear to have the mistaken belief that memorizing standard algorithms is essential. While this may be true for some job interviews, it is not particularly important for becoming a successful developer.

So, are the things you learn in an algorithm class useless? Absolutely not. 👏🏻🙌🏻

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten algorithms for aspiring developers to practice thinking algorithmically. 👇🏻 

👉🏻Brute Force Algorithm

The brute force algorithm is the simplest algorithm that can be devised to solve a problem.

👉🏻Greedy Algorithm

This algorithm makes a decision that is good at the time without considering the future.

👉🏻Recursive Algorithm

This is one of the simplest algorithms to create because it does not necessitate thinking about each subproblem separately. This means that we only need to consider the existing cases and the solution of the simplest subproblem.

👉🏻Backtracking Algorithm

It is an improvement over the brute force method. Here, we begin with one possible option out of many available and attempt to solve the problem.

👉🏻Divide & Conquer Algorithm

This is one of the most used algorithms in programming. This algorithm divides the problems into subproblems and then solve each of them and then combine them to form the solution of the given problems.

👉🏻Dynamic Algorithm

This is the most sought-after algorithm because it provides the most efficient solution to a problem. This algorithm is quite efficient in terms of time complexity because it simply means remembering the past and applying it to future corresponding results.

👉🏻Randomized Algorithm

This is a type of algorithm that makes decisions based on random numbers, i.e. it employs random numbers in its logic.

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