Top Trends to Watch in 2024

Top 2024 Trends

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation, understanding the intersection of consumer needs and emerging trends becomes crucial. 

The sheer pace at which industries are being reshaped by AI and technology begs the question: What’s next?

Introducing Trend Hunter’s 2024 Custom Report

We’re excited to share Trend Hunter’s 2024 Custom Report, a goldmine of insights that’s already guiding giants like Samsung, PepsiCo, Target, and Mattel towards groundbreaking innovations.

This report isn’t just for the big players; it’s crafted for every innovator out there. Whether you’re a marketer, strategist, CEO, consultant, entrepreneur, or a creative mind, there’s something in it for you. Spanning over 80 industries, it’s designed to spark ideas that transcend traditional sector boundaries.

What’s Inside?

The report breaks down the global landscape into digestible patterns, megatrends, and actionable insights. Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect:

  • Tech Insights: From AI chatbots enhancing customer service to smart fridges mimicking sunlight, discover how your brand can leverage technology to redefine the user experience.
  • Business & Marketing Insights: Learn how AI-generated advertisements and communicative delivery platforms can streamline your operations and enhance customer trust.
  • Food & Beverage Insights: Explore how zero-carbon initiatives and bio-coatings are setting new sustainability standards in the industry.

…and much more across retail, eco initiatives, social good, fashion & cosmetics, health & wellness, art & design, and culture insights.

Below is a summary of the report per Insight and a thought provoking question that you can ask yourself depending on your sector and interest. 

1. Tech Insights

AI Support: 

🔸 Businesses are incorporating AI chatbots for instant customer service at scale

  • How can your brand utilize trained AI chatbots to improve the online shopping experience, or post-sale support experience, for customers?

🔸 Brands are using generative AI to launch language-teaching platforms

  • How could your brand augment its services with generative AI to offer consumers more flexibility?

Circadian Fridge:

🔸 Brands are launching smart fridges that mimic the cycle of sunlight

  • What innovative methods can your brand explore to offer smart products that promote health and wellness among dedicated consumers?

In-Car Assistant:

🔸 Auto brands partner with voice assistant tech or create their own

  • How could your brand better prioritize user experience?

Tailored Computer:

🔸 Tech companies are using open-source operating systems for curation

  • How could your brand better curate its services or experiences for each consumer group?


🔸 Developers are using generative AI to make game characters more lifelike and immersive

  • How can your brand leverage generative AI technology to create more fluidic and catered experiences for its consumers?

Gamer Facility:

🔸 Brands are opening physical facilities for esports and content creation

  • What experiences would help your customers better connect with each other/your brand?

Upgradable Tech: 

🔸 Brands are launching tech products designed to be upgraded and repaired by users

  • How can your brand reduce costs by creating product for the younger tech-familiar generations that can be easily upgraded and modified?

AI Computing: 

🔸 Manufacturers are launching powerful hardware dedicated to creating AI models

  • In what ways can your brand use AI computing to streamline existing operations or launch new projects for its, or the industry’s, benefit?

Connected Vehicle 

🔸 Automakers are standardizing smart connected technologies for road safety

  • What emerging technologies could be repurposed to benefit your industry?

2. Business & Marketing Insights

AI Advertisement:

🔸 Startups are launching platforms that generate custom advertisements with AI

  • How could your brand leverage AI platforms to reduce annual costs while maintaining quality?

Communicative Delivery:

🔸 Customer service is made easier with communicative delivery platforms

  • In what areas could your brand improve its customer service experience to build trust and brand loyalty?

SMS Commerce: 

🔸 Brands are integrating shopping services into mobile SMS applications

  • How could your brand benefit from leveraging older, more familiar technology for accessibility?

Customized Packaging: 

🔸 Materials and packaging businesses elevate customized packaging

  • How could your brand use customization to improve the efficiency of its product, and/or reduce its environmental impact?

Consumer Marketplace:

🔸 Brands are launching first-party storefronts to connect consumers to others

  • How might your brand benefit from connecting its consumers via an online marketplace or forum?

Eco Teen Hygiene: 

🔸 Brands release reusable menstrual care products for teenagers

  • How could your brand use sustainability to appeal to Gen Z?

Rewarded Sustainability:

🔸 Brands and institutions create reward programs for eco-friendly habits

  • How could your brand make sustainable consumption easier for its customers?

Community Banking: 

🔸 Banking platforms and spaces are prioritizing social engagement and community

  • How could your brand make its product/service more accessible for its customers?

Multiplatform Peripheral:

🔸 Gaming accessory companies are creating products fit for all platforms

  • How could co-collaboration and cross-functionality benefit your customer and brand?

3. Food & Beverage Insights

Zero-Carbon Vegetable:

🔸 Food manufacturers are offsetting all emissions for fruits and vegetables

  • How could your industry commit to improving and enacting data-driven ESG initiatives?

Bio Coating:

🔸 Eco-friendly wraps and coatings help keep produce fresh for longer

  • How could your brand expand its sustainability goals while still prioritizing its products’ longevity and/or efficacy?

Wine Seltzers:

🔸 Alcohol brands release canned, wine-based spritzers

  • How could your brand better prioritize generational interests in its product/service

Developmental Snack:

🔸 Baby food brands offer puffed snacks with nutritional benefits for infants

  • How could your brand prioritize product experiences for more discerning customers?

Cultural Kit:

🔸 Food brands offer beverage-making kits inspired by Latin American flavors

How could your brand offer consumers convenience, without sacrificing on the quality of your product/service?

Low-ABW Tequila:

🔸 Low or no-alcohol tequila beverages offer a healthier alternative

  • How could your brand better appeal to Gen Z’s habits?

Eco Subscription:

🔸 Sustainable F&B subscriptions are making eco-friendly consumption simpler

  • How could your brand make sustainable consumption easier for its customers?

Dried Preservation:

🔸 Brands are preserving nutritious foods and health products by freeze-drying

  • How could your brand better adapt to the well-informed consumers’ evolving standards?

Self-Cleaning Appliance:

🔸 Appliances with self-cleaning functions reduce time spent in the kitchen

  • How could your brand make necessary tasks more efficient for its customers

Modular Grilling:

🔸 Modular grilling systems offer multifunctionality and compact designs

  • Which evolving consumer lifestyles could your brand better adapt to?

4. Retail Insights

Avatar Worker:

🔸 Retailers are hiring remote workers with realistic in-store avatars for service

Could metaverse avatars and remote employees benefit your industry?

Inflation Relief:

🔸 Brands are reducing and locking prices to help combat rising inflation rates

  • How is your industry maintaining customers during rising economic inflation?

Sustainable Gifting:

🔸 Eco-friendly gift options cater to sustainability-focused consumers

  • How could your brand offer more sustainable choices for its customers?

To-Go Fold:

🔸 Brands reduce takeaway packaging waste with specialty foldable designs

  • How could your brand prioritize environmental protection while maintaining convenience for customers?

App-Based Retail:

🔸 Retailers create apps to accompany customers’ in-store experiences

  • How could your brand merge digital and in-person shopping experiences?

Subscription Grocer:

🔸 Grocery subscription services help users access limited or affordable items

How could your brand prioritize accessibility in its product offerings?

Shoppable Short:

🔸 Shoppable short-form video content enhances digital shopping experiences

  • How could your brand more effectively engage customers with its online experiences?

Senior Retail:

🔸 Retailers are making shopping more convenient for elderly demographics

  • How could your brand better adapt to the needs of consumers who require accessible solutions?

Ethical Search:

🔸Ethical search engines help consumers streamline conscientious purchases

  • How could your brand make conscientious shopping easier for its customers?

Zero-Waste Delivery:

Zero-waste delivery services help consumers reduce their personal impact

  • How could your brand more effectively tackle sustainability?

5. Eco Insights

Low-Carbon Treatment:

🔸 Businesses in healthcare turn their focus to reducing carbon emissions

  • In what areas could your business reduce its carbon footprint?

Compact Gaming:

🔸 Low-footprint gaming hardware is gaining popularity in the home office

  • How could your brand use recent technological advancements in computation to launch more convenience-focused hardware and devices

Zero-Carbon Packaging:

🔸 How could your brand better prioritize sustainability with measurable impact?

  • How could your brand better align its sustainability goals with its customers’ lifestyles?

Eco Event:

🔸 Tech-based solutions are making event planning more sustainable

  • How is your brand keeping up with the values and lifestyles of its customers– whether those are environmental, social, or economic?

Upcycled Oats:

🔸 Food companies are transforming excess oats into usable food products

  • How could your brand reduce unnecessary waste?

Mycelium Leather:

🔸 Brands are using mycelium as a vegan leather substitute across industries

  • How could your brand transform traditional products with sustainable practices?

Wood Printer:

🔸 3D printing companies are looking to wood filament for sustainability

  • How could your industry reduce waste production through upcycling?

Sugarcane Package:

🔸 Brands are using food-safe sugarcane bagasse in consumable goods packaging

  • How can your brand incorporate affordable and sustainable packaging solutions, such as sugarcane bagasse, into your product lineup while still maintaining consumer appeal and affordability?

Waste-Free Fashion:

🔸 Fashion brands offer DIY zero-waste or sustainable clothing

  • How could your brand prioritize sustainability in a way that’s authentic and effective?

6. Social Good Insights

Coping Tech:

🔸 Interactive tech-based toys help distract and soothe children dealing with stress

  • How could your brand better evolve with its customers’ changing values and priorities?

AI Companion:

🔸 Companies are creating AI-powered chatbots for virtual companionship

  • How could your brand utilize advanced AI chatbots to augment its products or services?

Intersectional Campaign:

🔸 Brands adopt a more intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion

  • How could your brand incorporate intersectionality in its efforts toward inclusion?

Accessible E-Commerce:

🔸 Brands make online shopping easier for elderly demographics 

  • How could your brand prioritize accessibility in its product design?

Agile Workplace:

🔸 As more offices adopt a hybrid model more flexibility is needed

  • How has your workplace culture changed, and how can you make these changes work to your advantage as an employer?

Accessible Contraception:

🔸 Some healthcare brands in the U.S. make contraceptives more accessible

  • How could your brand better prioritize affordability and/or accessibility?

Menstrual Sanitation:

🔸 Alternatives to disposable menstrual hygiene products prioritize sanitation

  • How could your brand bridge knowledge gaps with its product features or branding?

P2P Menopause:

🔸 Companies launch platforms that connect women experiencing perimenopause

  • How could your industry foster a sense of community with its consumers?

Alternative Resume:

🔸 Job applications without traditional resume requirements are on the rise

  • How could your brand be more inclusive in the process of accessing new employees or talent?

Live Fundraising:

🔸 Live fundraising initiatives help consumers feel more connected

  • How could your brand use live-campaigning to market its purpose, product, or service?

7. Fashion & Cosmetics Insights

Circular Pivot:

🔸 Longstanding brands turn to refillable products to appeal to the modern consumer

  • How could your brand better evolve with the needs of the modern consumer?

Retinol Care:

🔸 Common drugstore brands are incorporating retinol into body care products

  • How could your brand better balance low costs to appeal to more consumers?

Treatment Makeup:

🔸 Makeup products help treat acne instead of just covering it up

  • How could your brand take inspiration from adjacent industries?

Sensitive Cosmetic:

🔸 Makeup products are being targeted to people with sensitive skin

  • How could your brand better cater to Gen Z consumers?

Minimalist Hair:

🔸 Hair care brands prioritize minimalism in the same way some skincare brands are

  • How could your brand make purchase decisions less overwhelming for customers?

Biodegradable Undergarment:

🔸 Fashion brands make underwear from biodegradable materials

  • How can your brand be more impactful in its efforts toward sustainability?

Customized Makeup:

🔸 Cosmetic brands make customized formulas and tools more accessible

  • How could your brand add an element of customization into its product/service?

Beard Treatment:

🔸 Specialty treatments for facial hair take inspiration from skincare masks

  • How could your brand offer more targeted solutions for a diverse customer base?

Cream Hygiene:

🔸 Cream-based deodorants become more popular

  • How could your brand better prioritize product experience?

Travel Refill:

🔸 Cosmetic brands offer refills for travel-sized products

  • How could your brand make it easier for customers to reduce their impact on the environment?

8. Health & Wellness Insights

Organic Treatment:

🔸 Products that treat physical conditions are made with organic ingredients

  • Which emerging trends in adjacent spaces could your brand take inspiration from?

Discreet Treatment:

🔸 Discreet erectile dysfunction supplements protect customers’ privacy

  • How could your brand address less-commonly discussed health conditions with discreet or masked products?

Wellness Cleaning:

🔸 Home cleaning brands integrate wellness experiences and functions in products

  • Which wellness-related trend could your brand integrate into its product or customer experience?

Bra Health:

🔸 Brands are incorporating health-focused technology into their bras

  • How can your brand incorporate additional benefits into its existing product/service?

Calming Earbud:

🔸 Brands are adding stress reduction and tinnitus reduction features to hearing aids

  • How could your industry anticipate the silent demands of customers?

Headache Tech:

🔸 Devices dedicated to alleviating headache pain are on the rise

  • What is one industry standard rife for disruption in your space?

AI Fitness:

🔸 Fitness apps and systems are using AI to help users exercise and assess their health

  • How could your brand use smart technology to help consumers progress in their personal goals?

Organic Energy:

🔸 Brands are launching all-natural energy drinks as healthy alternatives

  • How could your brand redefine existing products in the wake of modern consumer trends?

Accessible Medicine:

🔸 Businesses adapt pharmaceutical packaging with inclusion in mind

  • How can your brand better prioritize accessibility?

Experiential Cleaning:

🔸 Brands are offering experience-based bathroom cleaning products

  • How could your brand better evolve with its customers in a fast-changing consumer landscape?

9. Art & Design Insights

AI Art:

🔸 Platforms are simplifying the detailed art-creation process for all users

  • How could your brand streamline user experiences with artificial intelligence?

AI Movie:

🔸 Startups are launching generative AI tools to generate full videos from text prompts

  • How can your brand incorporate generative AI tools to quickly create personalized videos for customers or advertising campaigns?

E-Waste Design:

🔸 Sustainable design brands use electronic waste to create products

  • In what areas could your brand incorporate upcycled materials to reduce its impact?

Immersive Chair:

🔸 Brands are integrating sound systems into desk chairs for immersive gaming

  • What products in your industry could benefit from smart functionality?

Blockchain Nostalgia:

🔸 Brands release retro NFTs to draw in specific demographics

  • How could your brand use modern tech to channel nostalgia?

AI Gallery:

🔸 Art curators are hosting galleries focused on displaying artificially-created works

  • How could your industry leverage AI for more innovative campaigns, products and/or services?

Portable Appliance:

🔸 Brands are creating kitchen appliances designed for multi-home use

  • How can your brand create portable and cost-efficient alternatives to existing home products?

Retro Kitchen:

🔸 Brands are creating retro-style appliances with modern smart features

  • How could your brand leverage nostalgia to sell to the modern consumer?

Accessible Controller:

🔸 Gaming brands are creating controllers with more widely accessible designs

  • How is your brand ensuring its product or service is accessible to consumers with varying needs?

Outdoor Fryer:

🔸 Brands are launching outdoor air fryers to offer healthy alternatives to barbecues

  • How could your brand repurpose existing appliances to cater to social or health-focused home chefs?

10. Culture Insights

Nostalgic Collectible:

🔸 Brands re-release or reference iconic 90s’ toys for nostalgic consumers

  • How could your brand create stronger emotional connections with customers through its products or campaigns?

Gen Z Cannabis:

🔸 Cannabis brands target Gen Z consumers and audiences

  • How could your brand better adapt to Gen Z’s cultural impact?

Focus Tech:

🔸 Brands are creating products to help students concentrate

  • How can your brand address the rapid changes that have influenced its industry?

Latinx Platform:

🔸 Content-based platforms are creating Latinx-specific offerings and benefits

  • How could your brand better cater to demographics it currently overlooks?

Evolved Education:

🔸 Post-secondary institutions offer courses specific to Gen Z’s hobbies and habits

  • How is your brand evolving with the cultural changes that Gen Z’s influence has caused? 

Authentic Sharing:

🔸 Some demographics are turning to more authentic forms of social sharing

  • How could your brand prioritize authenticity in its products, services, or campaigns?

Wealth Accessibility:

🔸 Gen X as a whole is more focused on building generational wealth

  • How can your brand prioritize accessibility in its area of expertise?

Millennial Retention:

🔸 Brands aim appeal to the Millennial employee pool with specific benefits

  • How could your brand better prioritize employee retention?

Monetized Recreation:

🔸 Gen Z consumers are turning their creative hobbies into job opportunities

  • How could your brand better cater to Gen Z’s sense of creativity and/or tech-savviness?

Culinary Content:

🔸 Instructional cooking activities become more popular among parents and children

  • How could your brand better adapt to changing lifestyle habits?

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