The 7 Deadly Sins of eCommerce Site Design

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Often when we meet ecommerce website owners, no matter what the size of their business, they are guilty of at least one of the following 7 deadly sins of ecommerce websites.

Want to make sure your e-commerce store has a homepage that converts?🤔

Here are some tips we’ve spent time putting together so you can ensure your visitors are not only impressed but are also inspired to trust you.

🗣️ Use poor quality images

Images speak louder than words so avoid using dull, blurry or pixelated images. Including a few high quality photos featuring what you sell is all you need.

🗣️ Having unclear messaging

If a visitor lands on your homepage and they can’t figure out what you’re selling or who you are for within the first 5 seconds, they’ll bounce.

🗣️ Not having social proof

You should show social proof with customers testimonials. The most important goal here is that you’re showing visitors that they can trust you.

🗣️ Not having email newsletter sign-up forms

Don’t make it difficult for visitors interested in your brand to find and sign-up. If you don’t have an email newsletter – get one set up asap!

🗣️ Not including good keywords in your descriptions and copy

To make sure that your ideal clients find you, you’ll want to also include specific keywords that they will be searching for when looking for products like yours.

🗣️ Being hard to reach

Don’t make it difficult for someone to figure out how to get in touch with you. You should have a clear, easy to find link that leads to your contact info.

🗣️ Not having social media links

Linking to your social media profiles is a key trust factor and improves the authenticity of your website. Many visitors like to visit your brand on social media before buying.

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