Beware of Phishing Traps Created by Generative AI

Beware of Phishing Traps Created by Generative AI - Web Design & Development Agency - Miami | Austin - Klashtech
AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing chatbot integration are software applications capable of processing, analyzing, and generating responses to human input. These programs enhance communication by producing responses that sound natural, assisting with everyday tasks like refining emails and enhancing search engine outcomes. Nevertheless, these tools can be misused by malicious actors to produce harmful content, including lifelike voice and video simulations, as well as email phishing scams meant to distribute malware or extract sensitive information.
Two specific AI chatbots, WormGPT and FraudGPT, have been developed to automate hacking and spamming activities. These chatbots empower cybercriminals to craft highly convincing phishing schemes. They employ various tactics to manipulate individuals into interacting with harmful links, opening malicious attachments, or revealing confidential data:
Regrettably, the future holds the possibility of more malicious AI chatbots emerging, such as DarkBART and DarkBERT. These creations are designed to streamline fraudulent activities and exploitation.

Identifying AI-generated phishing emails

As AI technology advances, phishing emails are becoming increasingly lifelike, often lacking typical indicators of suspicious content such as spelling errors. Familiarize yourself with the warning signs provided below to effectively recognize an AI-generated phishing email:
If uncertainty arises, employ a verified alternative mode of communication to validate an email (or video/voice message). Any suspicious emails should be reported to the Security Operations team by utilizing the “Report Phishing” button on your Outlook toolbar.

Guidelines for creating secure passwords

Were you aware that cybercriminals can also harness AI tools to crack your passwords? Indeed, AI can instantaneously decipher a 10-character password comprising only numbers (Home Security Heroes, 2023). This underscores the heightened significance of devising strong, secure passwords for both your professional and personal accounts. 
We encourage you to use KeePass as your passwords manager, here is an article about the features and benefits.
However if you prefer to use a different tool, make sure to adhere to the following recommendations to ensure the safety of your work from home and personal accounts: 

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